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> Ewabi Bamboo Bike Co.

An identity based on the values and essence at the heart of its inception. Providing clean, affordable and sustainable transportation.

Ewabi Bamboo Bike Co.

Ewabi by name, Wabi-Sabi by nature. 

An identity based on the values and essence at the heart of its inception. Providing clean, affordable and sustainable transportation – and the passion for an enjoyable, superior cycling experience and connectedness to the natural environment.

Understanding and articulating this ethos revealed a strong connection to the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi – the beauty of things modest and humble, liberation from a material world and the pursuit of a simpler life. Also translating to the product itself, it advocates the use of bamboo, a key material in the bikes construction.


Ewabi Bamboo Bike Co. | USA

Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, Digital Marketing Design

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[ Damian Garbenis + Kirsty Ludbrook ]


The brand's ethical foundation in e-corp philosophy – equality for everyone, everywhere – is represented in the brand name by the letter “E”, as is the electric power that charges the bicycles, integrated within the logo as a current of electricity.


Wabi-Sabi is also linked within the Brandmark. Inspired by a Japanese 'Mon', or family signature, this symbol of a rotating wheel encompassing the letter "E", reminiscent of pieces of bamboo, simultaneously links the brand ethos, name, product and creative concept. 


Brand Guidelines


“Thank you for the great work that you did developing the EWABI brand identity. We set out to create a brand identity that is meaningful, distinctive, future-proof, modular and engaging. We achieved all of that and more.  It was a pleasure working with both of you. You threw yourself into the project and went well beyond what was expected. We cannot thank you enough. We are looking forward to working with you further as we now introduce EWABI to the world.”

— Mark Donovan, Founder, Ewabi Bamboo Bike Co.